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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Hiller UH-12A s/n: 136 Built: 1950 s/n History: N8136H, HB-XAA
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Air Import AG 1951-04-21 1954-08-02 crs 21.6.54 at Rendsburg/D

HB-XAA of Air Import AG at Zürich airport - Photo Bundesarchiv via Flugarchiv GR © Apr-51 HB-XAA immatriculation certificate - Photo Bundesarchiv via Flugarchiv GR © 29-Jun-51
HB-XAA of Air Import SA during an airshow at Dübendorf - Photo Flugarchiv Graubünden © 1951 HB-XAA of Air Import SA with pilot Sepp Bauer and Dr.W Dollfuss - Photo by Th. Heimgartner © 1954
HB-XAA of Air Import with Underberg advertisement in Germany - Photo collection Markus Herzig © 1954 HB-XAB, XAA, XAD and XAC - Photo via Flugarchiv Graubünden © 1954

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