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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Bell 47G-2 s/n: 2195 Built: 1958 s/n History: HB-XAX, N90799, HB-XFB, OE-AXL, HB-XFB, F-GBOH
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Heliswiss 1958-05-30 1971-01-22 damaged 23.2.68 at Belp - later registered HB-XFB

HB-XAX of Heliswiss in front of the Matterhorn - Photo ETH Bibliothek Zürich Bildarchiv © 1958 HB-XAX and HB-XAT of Heliswiss at Il Capütschin - Photo by Flugarchiv Graubünden © 23-Mar-60
HB-XAX of Heliswiss named NANOK after Greenland ops - Photo Archive Markus Herzig © Feb-68 Later registered as HB-XFB of Heliswiss at Bern-Belp - Photo by Anton Heumann © 20-Apr-77 - ANET

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