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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

SA.315B Lama s/n: 2679 Built: 1985 s/n History: HB-XPP, VT-XPP, VT-WEX
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
BOHAG 1986-01-24 1992-09-18  
Heliswiss / Swiss Helikopter Mgmt 1992-09-18 1994-12-21  
Heliswiss 1994-12-21 2002-01-23  
BOHAG 2002-01-23 2004-12-13 sold to Himalayan Heli Service

HB-XPP of BOHAG at Gsteigwiler - Photo by Damiano Gualdoni © Sep-91 HB-XPP of Heliswiss at Bern-Belpmoos - Photo by Markus Herzig © 9-Mar-95
HB-XPP of BOHAG in sun and snow at Jungfraujoch - Photo by Adrian Rösti © 18-Jan-03 HB-XPP and HB-XEL of BOHAG at Gsteigwiler - Photo by Markus Herzig © 4-Apr-03 - ANET
HB-XPP of BOHAG in a rainshower under sunshine - Photo by Adrian Herzig © 16-Aug-03 - ANET HB-XPP of BOHAG at Zermatt on duty for Air Zermatt - Photo by Hans Zurniwen © 31-Jul-04
Ex HB-XPP as VT-XPP of Himalayan Heli Service in India - Photo Thomas Bischofberger © 13-Feb-05 Ex HB-XPP as VT-XPP on high altitude fuelstation in India - Photo Thomas Bischofberger © 22-Feb-05
Previous HB-XPP as VT-XPP in front of a hotel in India - Photo by Thomas Bischofberger © 4-Mar--05 Ex HB-XPP as VT-WEX of Himalayan Heli Service at Alpnach - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 3-Jun-08

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