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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

McDonnell 600N s/n: RN.007 Built: 1997 s/n History: N92007, HB-XQB, N507CC
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Fuchs-Bamert Robert 1998-02-06 2007-02-08 The 1st 600N in Switzerland
Robert Fuchs AG 2007-02-08 2008-08-07  

Future HB-XQB as N92007 of Fuchs Helikopter at Anaheim USA - Photo by Michael Mau © 3-Feb-97 HB-XQB of Fuchs Helikopter at Gasel during the Tour de Suisse - Photo by Markus Herzig © 25-Jun-98
HB-XQB of Fuchs as TV relais station over the Lauberhorn - Photo by Markus Herzig © 15-Jan-00 HB-XQB of Fuchs Helikopter fully loaded with TV equipment - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 23-Jun-03
HB-XQB of Fuchs Helikopter on TV mission at Lodrino - Photo by Michele Ceresa © May-04 HB-XQB of Fuchs Helikopter at Bex during the Tour de Suisse - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 18-Jun-05
HB-XQB of Fuchs Helikopter at Schindellegi - Photo by Kurt Albisser © 22-Apr-06

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