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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Robinson R22 Beta II s/n: 2757 Built: 1997 s/n History: HB-XQK
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
SC Air AG 1997-12-08 1999-04-19 renamed to Heli Sitterdorf AG
Heli Sitterdorf AG 1999-04-19 2002-12-04  
Verein Heli Mountain 2002-12-04 2010-03-16 based in Austria
Bonsai Helikopter AG / Heli Sitterdorf AG 2010-03-16 2010-09-07  
Heli Sitterdorf AG 2010-09-07 2014-12-22  
Heli Sitterdorf AG / Dörig Ramon 2014-12-22 Current opf Heli Academy

HB-XQK of Heli Sitterdorf AG at Sitterdorf together with HB-ZCU - Photo by Markus Herzig © 20-Mar-01 HB-XQK of Heli Sitterdorf AG at the Swiss Championship in Sion - Photo by Markus Herzig © 18-May-01
HB-XQK with the nice Heli Sitterdorf AG logo at Bern - Photo by Markus Herzig © 29-Jan-02 HB-XQK of Verein Heli Mountain at Salzburg - Photo by Elisabeth Klimesch © 29-Apr-05
HB-XQK of Verein Heli Mountain at Sion with advertisements - Photo by Markus Herzig © 27-Dec-07 HB-XQK of Heli Sitterdorf AG at the homebase Sitterdorf - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 21-Jul-10
HB-XQK of Heli Sitterdorf AG at Lausanne-Blecherette - Photo by Werner Häsuselmann © 16-Oct-17 HB-XQK of Heli Sitterdorf AG equipped with a large door - Photo by Markus Herzig © 14-Apr-22
HB-XQK of Heli Sitterdorf now as well in Heli Academy colors - Photo by Dominic Siegfried © 28-Noc-22 HB-XQK of Heli Academy in the flowers at Eischen - Photo by Markus Herzig © 22-May-23

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