Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

AS.350B2 Ecureuil s/n: 2340 Built: 1990 s/n History: F-WYMK, HB-XVB
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Protection Civile Geneve / Etat de Geneve 1990-05-30 1993 replacing AS.350B HB-XBC
Sécurité Civile Genève / Etat de Geneve 1993 2001-07-01 named "Robert Stierlin" May 1999
Hopiteaux Universitaires Genève / Etat de Geneve 2001-07-01 2004-04 reorganisation, new under HUG
Hopiteaux Universitaires Genève 2004-04 2004-05-18  
Heliswiss AG 2004-05-18 2007-12-27  
Air Zermatt AG / Heliswiss AG 2007-12-27 2008-05-15 for winter ops in Turkey
Heliswiss AG 2008-05-15 2011-08-26 damaged 18-Jun-08 at Grenchen
Swiss 3000 Sarl 2011-08-26 2011-12-02  
Air-Glaciers SA / Swiss 3000 Sarl 2011-12-02 2018-02-14  
Air-Glaciers SA / Gigot Constructions SA 2018-02-14 2022-11-24 sold most probably for spare use

HB-XVB of Protection Civile Geneve at Samedan airport - Photo by Markus Herzig © 6-Sep-91 HB-XVB ready for the 1st flight after the overhaul at Balzers - Photo by Matthias Vogt © 28-Apr-04
HB-XVB of Heliswiss during fire fighting exercises at Zimmerwald - Photo by G.Guérite © 4-Sep-04 HB-XVB of Heliswiss at work in Basel down town for Roche - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 30-Nov-04
HB-XVB of Heliswiss well guarded on top of Schilthorn - Photo by Stefan Bucheli © 10-Dez-04 HB-XVB at Heliskiing in Turkey, Kackçar Dagi region - Photo by Markus Koch / Helog © Feb-05
HB-XVB at heli skiing in the Kackar region, Turkey - Photo courtesy Rolf Thomann © 28-Feb-07 HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers / Swiss 3000 Sarl during takeoff at Saanen - Photo by Nick Däpp © 26-Dec-11
HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers / Swiss 3000 Sarl at Saanen - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 10-Mar-12 HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers SA / Swiss 3000 Sarl at Verbier - Photo by Hans Zurniwen © 4-May-14
HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers SA at Lauterbrunnen - Photo by Dominic Siegfried © 17-Oct-20 HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers SA at Lauterbrunnen - Photo by Werner Häuselmann © 29-Sep-21
HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers SA at Lauterbrunnen heliport - Photo by Dominic Siegfried © 18-Dec-21 HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers SA with spray equipment at Sion - Photo by Werner Häuselmann © 10-May-22
HB-XVB of Air-Glaciers SA at Schilthorn during it's very last job - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 10-Nov-22

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