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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

AS.350B2 Ecureuil s/n: 2399 Built: 1990 s/n History: F-WYMO, HB-XVM
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Helog AG / Sepvim SA 1990-10-24 1993-01-15  
Heli-Linth AG / Sepvim SA 1993-01-15 1993-07-13  
Heli-TV 1993-07-13 1994-09-13  
Heli-Linth AG / Zarro Andrea 1994-09-13 1997-07-13  
Heli Rezia AG / Zarro Andrea 1997-07-13 1997-11-14  
Heli Rezia AG / Griti SA 1997-11-14 2003-06-23  
Heli Rezia AG 2003-06-23 Current  

HB-XVM of Heli-Linth AG during firefighting at Grono - Photo by Mario Bazzani © 19-Apr-97 HB-XVM in the new livery of Heli Rezia over the frozen Ritom lake - Photo by Mario Bazzani © Mar-00
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia AG at work - Photos by Andrea Tamagni © 2003 and by Erico Serena © 2004 HB-XVM of Heli Rezia AG next the chapel at All'Acqua - Photo by Piero Menucelli © 17-May-04
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia AG at Leit cabin above Rodi Fiesso - Photos by Sven Fehler © 16-Jul-04 HB-XVM of Heli Rezia AG at Balnisc 2300m to unload pax - Photo by Sven Fehler © 29-Aug-04
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia at work - Photos by Giorgio Tomamichel © 11-Feb-06 & Bertrand Cina © 3-Apr-06 HB-XVM of Heli Rezia during fire fighting at Giornico - Photo by Nicolas Romerio © 31-May-06
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia AG in the St.Moritz ski area - Photo by Erico Serena © 17-Dec-07 HB-XVM of Heli Rezia AG at Valle Malvaglia - Photo by Filippo Prospero © 14-Mar-11
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia AG during a cabin supply in Val Cama - Photo by Renato Belloli © 31-May-14 HB-XVM with the friendly Heli Rezia crew at Pianezza - Photo by Aida Scolari © 19-Aug-15
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia during overhaul and new painting - Photo by Aida Scolari © 9-Aug-16 HB-XVM of Heli Rezia overhauled and new painted at Lago Orsino - Photo by Luca Agosti © 29-Aug-16
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia in the San Bernardino ski region - Photo by Renato Belloli © Dec-16 HB-XVM of Heli Rezia at Monti Pianodolce on May snow - Photo by Luca Agosti © 2-May-17
HB-XVM of Heli Rezia at snow covered Ulrichen - Photo by Luca Agosti © 24-Jan-18

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