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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

SA.315B Lama s/n: 2470 Built: 1977  s/n History: F-WTND, YV-318A, HB-XXS, OE-OXI, HB-XXS, I-BXWE
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Heliswiss / Helitrade AG 1991-04-15  1991-06-04 exported to Austria
Heliswiss / Helitrade AG 1997-04-10 1997-04-10 reregistered
Heliswiss / Swiss Helicopter Management 1997-04-10 1997-05-15  
Heliswiss / Helitrade AG 1997-05-15 2000-05-24 dryleased to Eliticino, crs 28.8.99 Monti dfi Corippo
Carlino Enzo 2000-05-24 2001-11-27 overhauled until October'2001
Valpruena SA 2001-11-27 2002-10-23  
Eliticino SA / Valpruena SA 2002-10-23 2004-12-07  
Valpruena SA 2004-12-07 2004-03-24 dryleased to Air Walser for ops in Algeria

HB-XXS of Heliswiss at Bern-Belp in the first livery prior its sale - Photo by Markus Herzig © 22-May-91 Previous and future HB-XXS as OE-OXI of Air Cargo - Photo by Werner Kurz © 1990s
HB-XXS of Heliswiss on drylease to Eliticino - Photo by Mario Bazzani © Apr-98 HB-XXS of Enzo Carlino fresh overhauled at Zermatt - Photo by Hans Zurniwen © Oct-01
HB-XXS of Eliticino SA working at Alpe Mognone - Photo by Mario Bazzani © 30-May-03 HB-XXS of Eliticino SA taking off at Alpe Mognone - Photo by Mario Bazzani © 30-May-03
Previous HB-XXS as I-BXWE of Air Walser - Photo by Damiano Gualdoni © 2-Mar-05

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