Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Elisport CH-7 Kompress s/n: 68 Built: 2002 s/n History: HB-YKR
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Aebischer Daniel 2002-07-19 2012-08-23  
Rochat Eric 2012-08-23 2014-11-27 accident 30-Jan-06 Gumm/VD

HB-YKR shortly before its first flight on 17-Aug-02 - Photo by Daniel Aebischer © 14-Aug-02 HB-YKR, the second swiss CH-7 Kompress - Photo by Daniel Aebischer © Apr-03
HB-YKR at Ecuvillens joining the EAS fly-in - Photo by Chris Haag © 3-May-03 HB-YKR over Gruyeres-Epagny airport - Photo by Markus Herzig © 13-Jun-03 - MHP
HB-YKR over Gruyeres-Epagny airport - Photo by Adrian Herzig © 13-Jun-03 - ANET HB-YKR in its new livery at Walig 2050m - Photo by Daniel Aebischer © 26-Apr-08
HB-YKR and HB-YKW out in the nature - Photo by Daniel Aebischer © 12-Junr-10 HB-YKR of Daniel Aebischer on a picturesque place - Photo by Daniel Aebischer © 3-Jan-11

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