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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

EC-120B Colibri s/n: 1092 Built: 2000 s/n History: F-WQDC, HB-ZCA
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Rhein-Helikopter AG / O.H. Finanz AG 2000-03-09 2006-05-18 reg in Liechtenstein - temp opb Air Glaciers SA
BOHAG / O.H. Finanz AG 2006-05-18 2010-10-05  
O.H. Finanz AG 2010-10-05 2010-11-01  
Héli-Lausanne SA 2010-11-01 Current  

HB-ZCA of O.H. Finanz AG at Bern on the delivery from France - Photo by Markus Herzig © 10-Mar-00 HB-ZCA of Rhein-Helikopter at Lauterbrunnen - Photo by Martin Tannast © Jul-01
HB-ZCA flying up passengers for Lauberhorn ski race - Photo by Adrian Herzig © 18-Jan-03 - ANET HB-ZCA during takeoff from Balzers during the open day - Photo by Bea Walliser © 11-May-03
HB-ZCA on the approach to Lauberhornschulter - Photo by Markus Herzig © 14-Jan-05 - MHP HB-ZCA with "OHF opb BOHAG" titles at Bern-Belp - Photo by Markus Herzig © 6-May-06
HB-ZCA now with large BOHAG titles - Photo by Rick Maurer © 29-Jun-07 HB-ZCA of BOHAG at Maennlichen helipad - Photo by Bruno Siegfreid © 27-Dec-07
HB-ZCA of Heli-Lausanne at the homebase - Photo by Marco Tschachtli © 13-Dec-10 HB-ZCA of Heli Lausanne painted by Remund serviced by Ben-Air - Photo by M.Tschachtli © 13-Jul-12
HB-ZCA of Heli Lausanne with TAG logo at Lausanne - Photo by Werner Häuselmann © 8-May-13 HB-ZCA of Heli Lausanne taking off at Bex - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 22-Jun-13
HB-ZCA of Heli Lausanne in the first snow of this winter - Photo by Heli Lausanne © Nov-15 HB-ZCA of Heli Lausanne SA in autumn colored Chermignon - Photo by Nicolas Wittwer © 10-Oct-17
HB-ZCA of Héli-Lausanne SA in new colors at Lausanne - Photo by Werner Häuselmann © 1-Sep-22 HB-ZCA of Héli-Lausanne SA at Zürich airport - Photo by Roland Büsser © 9-Mar-23
HB-ZCA of Héli-Lausanne SA at Davos during the WEF - Photo by Thomas Schmid © 16-Jan-24

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