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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

McDonnell 902 s/n: 900-00114 Built: 2003 s/n History: N7014U, N904AA, HB-ZDF
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Laska Aviation Est. Vaduz 2004-12-24 2005-01-25 registered in Liechtenstein
Heli-Linth AG / Laska Aviation Est. Vaduz 2005-01-25 2008-02-26 registered in Switzerland
Linth Air Service AG / Laska Aviation Est. Vaduz 2008-02-26 Current registered in Switzerland

Registetred N7014U at Zurich in foggy weather - Photo by Marcel Kaufmann © Nov-03 Registetred N904AA at Zurich airport - Photo by Marcel Kaufmann © 1-Mar-04
HB-ZDF of Laska Aviation during FOCA approval in Mollis - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 5-Jan-05 HB-ZDF at Zurich with the Liechtenstein flag in the fin - Photo by Marcel Kaufmann © 11-Jan-05
HB-ZDF at WEF ground handling with an old Davos-Sledge - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 26-Jan-05 The cabin of HB-ZDF with HB-ZBZ thru the windows at Zurich - Photo by Marcel Kaufmann © 25-Jan-06
HB-ZDF at Davos Stilli heliport during the WEF - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 26-Jan-07 HB-ZDF at Davos Stilli Heliport during the WEF - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 28-Feb-07
HB-ZDF at Mollis with popout floats for ops in Greece - Photo by Armin Ackermann © 4-Feb-09 HB-ZDF of Linth Air Service at Zurich airport - Photo by Markus Herzig © 30-Jan-10 - MHP

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