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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

SA.315B Lama s/n: 2379 Built: 1974 s/n History: F-BVEU, CP-2401, F-GIPB, HB-ZGP
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Valair AG / Dreieck Industrie Leasing 2005-05-06 2006-06-22 opb Alpinlift Helikopter
Valair AG / Fortis Lease Suisse SA 2006-06-22 2010-12-31 opb Alpinlift Helikopter
Alpinlift Helikopter AG / Fortis Lease Suisse SA 2010-12-31 2011-01-07  
Alpinlift Helikopter AG / BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Suisse SA 2011-01-07 2012-10-04  
Alpinlift Helikopter AG 2012-10-04 2015-11-27 accident 21-Sep-15 Wolfenschiessen 

HB-ZGP of Valair AG at work in the mountains - Photo by Sascha Kempf © 24-May-05 HB-ZGP now in full Alpinlift livery - Photo by Sascha Kempf © 4-Jun-05
HB-ZGP of Alpinlift Helikopter at Bern-Belp - Photo by Markus Herzig © 30-Aug-05 HB-ZGP with mirrored mountains in the windows - Photo by Sascha Kempf © Nov-05
HB-ZGP at Klewenalp for avalanche blowing jobs - Photo by Sascha Kempf © 12-Mar-06 HB-ZGP of Alpinlift during construction work at Stoos - Photos by Sascha Kempf © 14-Nov-06
HB-ZGP at Buochs over a truck with Alpinlift advertisement - Photo by Sascha Kempf © 14-Apr-07 HB-ZGP of Alpinlift hovering at Buochs - Photo by Sandy Siegenthaler © 19-Ma-09
HB-ZGP hovering over the Alpinlift truck - Photo by Sascha Kempf © 8-Jun-10 HB-ZGP of Alpinlift Helikopter at Buochs - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 29-Sep-12

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