Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

EC-120B Colibri s/n: 1542 Built: 2008 s/n History: HB-ZJT
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Europavia (Suisse) SA 2008-05-15 2008-07-30  
Eliticino SA 2008-07-30 2009-12-04  
Eliticino SA / Europavia (Suisse) SA 2009-12-04 2010-01-14  

HB-ZJT of Europavia at Bern-Belp on the delivery flight - Photo by Markus Herzig © 16-May-08 HB-ZJT of Eliticino SA at Locarno-Magadino - Photo by Mario Bazzani © 16-Aug-08
HB-ZJT of Eliticino SA named BARONE at Bellinzona - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 14-Sep-08 HB-ZJT in line with HB-ZIE of Eliticino SA at Locarno - Photo by Mario Bazzani © 22-Sep-08
HB-ZJT of Eliticino SA at Locarno again in an all white look - Photo by Chris de Stefani © 19-Oct-08 HB-ZJT of Eliticino SA taking off from Sion airport - Photo by Joel Bessard © 27-Nov-08
HB-ZJT of Eliticino SA during a stop at Bosco Gurin - Photo by Fabio Morosoli © 18-Dec-08

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