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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

AS.350SD2 Ecureuil s/n: 2825 Built: 1994 s/n History: G-PROB, HB-ZKY, G-SDII
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Heliswiss Schweizerische Helicopter AG 2009-04-20 2010-03-07 bought as B2, dd 24-Apr-09 for conversion to SD2
Heliswiss Schweizerische Helicopter AG 2010-03-07 2012-07-01 cvt to SD2 in France, dd 7-Mar-10 to Bern
Swiss Helicopter AG 2012-07-01 2017-11-17  

Earlier registered in Great Britain as G-PROB - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 2-Oct-07 HB-ZKY as AS350B2 is taking off at Bern-Belp - Photo by Markus Herzig © 24-Apr-09
AS350SD2 HB-ZKY during a test flight at Bern - Photo by Walter Mayer © 10-Mar-10 AS350SD2 HB-ZKY at Mutthorn cabin - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 24-Apr-10
HB-ZKY is taking off from Kandergrund - Photo by Michael Steiner © 21-May-10 HB-ZKY of Heliswiss at Kandergrund - Photo via Michael Steiner © 2-Apr-11
HB-ZKY of Swiss Helicopter AG at Testa Grigia - Photo by Ernst Bach © 6-Apr-14

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