Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

AS.350B3+ Ecureuil s/n: 4582 Built: 2008 s/n History: F-GZLN, I-RVAL, HB-ZLV
Operator / Owner Takeover Returned Remarks
Heli-TV SA 2013-12-17 2014-01-27 previous I-RVAL
Eagle Helicopter AG / Heli-TV SA 2014-01-27 2014-03-26 dryleased
Heli-TV SA 2014-03-26 2015-12-31  
Héli-Alpes SA / Heli-TV SA 2015-12-31 2016-04-27 dryleased
Heli-TV SA 2016-04-27 2017-02-21  
Héli-Alpes SA / Heli-TV SA 2017-02-21 2017-04-18 dryleased
Heli-TV SA 2017-04-18 2017-12-20  
Héli-Alpes SA / Heli-TV SA 2017-12-20 2018-04-23 dryleased
Heli-TV SA 2018-04-23 2018-12-31  
Héli-Alpes SA / Heli-TV SA 2018-12-31 2019-04-23 dryleased
Heli-TV SA 2019-04-23 2019-07-15  
Air-Glaciers SA / Heli-TV SA 2019-07-15 2020-04-01 dryleased
Heli-TV SA 2020-04-01 Current  

Future HB-ZLV as I-RVAL of Heli-TV taking off from Preonzo - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 19-Oct-13 HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA at Maggia - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 28-Mar-14
HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA taking off at Pianezza - Photo by Gianco Scolari © 18-Apr-14 HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA over the forest at Pianezza - Photo by Aida Scolari © 20-Jun-14
HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA at the Alpe di Visghéd - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 4-Aug-15 HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA in a new livery at Lodrino - Photo by Damiano Talleri © 23-Dec-15
HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA in a new livery at Sion - Photo by Joel Bessard © 23-Dec-15 HB-ZLV now with Heli Alps titles at Sion - Photo by JeJe Spotter © 20-Jan-16
HB-ZLV of Heli-Alpes SA at Croix de Coeur - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 17-Feb-16 HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA taking off for another flight - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 27-May-16
HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA at Pianezza - Photo by Gianco Scolari © 17-Aug-17 HB-ZLV of Air Glaciers SA outside of Brig - Photo by Armin Hässig © 29-Nov-19
HB-ZLV of Heli-TV SA with Voliamo Filatelia sticker at Lodrino - Photo by Pascal Deffeyes © 3-Sep-20

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