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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

SA.315B Lama s/n: 1025/034 Built: 1990 s/n History: OE-OXR, HB-ZMT
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Heli Bernina AG / WH Heli Charter GmbH 2011-03-25 2017-03-31 temp dry leased to Air Glaciers
Air Glaciers SA / WH Heli Charter GmbH 2017-03-31 Current  

OE-OXR of Wucher at Innsbruck - now registered as HB-ZMT - Photo by Peter Steinlechner © 12-Nov-02 HB-ZMT of Heli Bernina / WH Heli Charter during the handover - Photo by Samuel Marti © Mar-11
HB-ZMT at Lauterbrunnen on drylease to Air Glaciers - Photo by Bruno Siegfried © 22-Jun-11 HB-ZMT at Gampel on drylease to Air Glaciers - Photo by Joel Bessard © 17-Jul-12
HB-ZMT of Heli Bernina AG approaching Samedan - Photo by Markus Herzig © 22-Jun-13 HB-ZMT of Heli Bernina AG with Wucher titles at Lauterbrunnen - Photo by Alexander Zeitler © 14-Jan-17
HB-ZMT of Air Glaciers SA still with underside Wucher titles - Photo by Joel Bessard © Oct-17 HB-ZMT of Air Glaciers SA with Wucher titles at Buochs - Photo by Mirko Bleuer © 18-Dec-18

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