Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Eurocopter EC-145 s/n: 9041 Built: 2003 s/n History: D-HMBR, HB-ZRE, CN-BZS
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Schweiz.Luft-Ambulanz AG 2003-09-10 2019-10-22 dd 10-Sep-03, sold to Royale Gendarmerie Maroccaine

HB-ZRE of Rega at mainbase in Zurich airport - Photo by Heinrich Seifert © 25-Sep-03 HB-ZRE of Rega at the mainbase in Zurich - Photo by Marcel Kaufmann © 26-Jul-04
HB-ZRE during winch exercises at Rheinfelden - Photo by Daniel Weisskopf © 12-May-06 HB-ZRE takeing off at Bern with Berner Oberland background - Photo by Andreas Giese © 10-Jan-08
HB-ZRE at Sichtern during a rescue exercise - Photo by Gerard Fabich © 18-Apr-09 HB-ZRE of Rega Swiss Air Ambulance at Dübendorf - Photo by Roland Küng © 24-Apr-15
Former HB-ZRE as CN-BZS at Zurich departing for delivery to Morocco - Photo by REGA © 19-Nov-19

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