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Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

SA.315B Lama s/n: 2540 Built: 1978 s/n History: N9006S, F-GHUF, OE-XJG, HB-ZWA
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Heli Rezia AG 2008-08-14 2021-06-21 stored - finished life hours

OE-XJG of Heli Austria at the base of Heli Rezia in San Vittore - Photo by SAM Center © 30-Jul-08 HB-ZWA at San Vittore in the new Heli Rezia look - Photo by Mario Bazzani © 27-Aug-08
HB-ZWA of Heli Rezia with a helicopter saw on a trailer - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 11-Oct-08 HB-ZWA of Heli Rezia with a saw - Photos by Bruno Siegfreid © 2-Oct-08 / Gianco Scolari © 24-Apr-15
HB-ZWA of Heli Rezia AG flying in mountains of Iragna - Photo by Michele Ceresa © 12-Jul-14 HB-ZWA of Heli Rezia at Piazza Grande in Locarno for an event - Photo by Oliver Colombi © 11-Apr-15
HB-ZWA of Heli Rezia AG taking off from Pianezzo - Photo by Gianco Scolari © 19-Nov-15 HB-ZWA of Heli Rezia AG during a transport to Pianezzo - Photos by Aida Scolari © 19-Nov-15

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