Swiss Helicopter History
by Markus Herzig

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X s/n: 65061 Built: 2018 s/n History: C-FZEX, HB-ZYN
Operator / Owner Registered Cancelled Remarks
Héli-Alpes SA / SG Equipment Finance Schweiz AG 2018-06-13 2021-10-11 1st swiss Bell 505, accident 11-Nov-20 at Sion
Héli-Alpes SA 2021-10-11 Current  

HB-ZYN of Héli-Alpes SA just arrived at Sion - Photo by Jean-Daniel Berthod © 12-Jun-18 HB-ZYN of Héli-Alpes SA during it's 1st flight at Sion - Photo by Joel Bessard © 26-Jun-18
HB-ZYN of Héli-Alpes SA now in full colors at Sion airport - Photo by Nick Däpp © 4-Aug-18 HB-ZYN and HB-ZAP of Héli-Alpes SA during an air2air session - Photo by Joel Bessard © 7-Aug-18
HB-ZYN of Héli-Alpes SA during takeoff at Zurich airport - Photo by Marcel Kaufmann © 6-Sep-18 HB-ZYN of Héli-Alpes SA under blue sky at Unter Rothorn - Photo by Hans Zurniwen © 24-Feb-19

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